Where do you guys buy the shoes/cleats?

We purchase every shoe from major retail stores (i.e. Adidas, Eastbay, Nike, etc.) to ensure legitimacy and authenticity with every purchase.

Can I wash the cleats? 

Yes, you may wash the cleats. The paint is durable enough to handle washing. Recommended to not scrub too hard though, and avoid liquids like alcohol and acetone making contact with the cleats. 

How long will it take to make the shoes/cleats?

Every shoe will take an average of 4 to 6.5 weeks to be completed and shipped out due to high volume and production time. 


Where can we contact you guys if we have any questions or comments?

You can contact us at our email Jkicks915@gmail.com or through any of our social media platforms @Jkicks915. Feel free to send us a DM to discuss any comments or concerns. 

Can you guys make custom shoes that are not shown on the website?

If you want a custom pair that is not shown on our website, you can send a request via email or our social media platforms to discuss what type of custom you would like. Payment and any other questions will be answered and talked about through email or Direct message on our social media platforms.